Plenty Of Fish Review

Log in to POF (Plenty of Fish). Does it still work?

IMPORTANT: To learn more about the ins and outs of this website, we recommend that you read this article on POF. You will hallucinate when you read the opinions and comments that are counted there.

POF (Plenty of Fish) is a free* dating site that defines itself as the market leader in online relationships. We put Free* with an asterisk because even though we sell it to you as such, if you don’t pay you can’t really use all the options on the page.

Although on this page are free enough options and we can get to contact people, it does not get to be 100% free. How much does it cost then? The prices POF Spain 2019 are as follows:

Once the concept of “free POF” has been clarified, it must be said that despite this, it is one of the most popular dating sites outside of USA. It has more than 145 million monthly visits and more than 50 thousand registered users between men and women, from all over the world including USA, with all age ranges looking for stable and lasting relationships. Certainly, we could say that this network is in fashion.

More information about Plenty of Fish and Markus Frind (its founder) on Wikipedia.

Why is POF so successful?

The popularity of is based on three differentiating elements with respect to other online dating sites:

  1. It’s “almost free”, and we can do a lot of things just by registering and not having to pay anything. However, paying users have many more advantages and they are the ones who will take all the appointments, as we will see later.
  2. Chemistry test: Through a small test the personal characteristics of each user are measured to facilitate the compatibility of possible relationships. Self-confidence, family orientation, self-control, social dependence and easy to carry are the 5 personality factors that are evaluated to create the profile of users. It is assumed that after the result of the test, similar users with similar emotional needs are shown.
  3. Each time a user logs in, points can be earned that can be exchanged for gifts for contacts or for new topics to give a personalised air to the profile itself.
  4. In addition to the gifts earned by the points you can get credits that make you a member of golden class, logically paying a membership. Credits are used to buy gifts, to view message statuses, or to purchase additional tools.

Generally speaking, these are the main characteristics of POF, although it should also be noted that its registration is very easy to carry out and that, in addition to the chemistry test, it is possible to find additional help by carrying out other types of useful tests to discover emotional needs and with which a personalised plan can be carried out to achieve success in relationships. Below we explain step by step how to start the registration to start using all applications of Plenty 0f Fish.

Register and log in to POF

Before you can log in to POF you have to register for free. As mentioned above, registration is very easy. All you have to do is provide your personal details (username, email address, password, gender, country, date of birth and breed) and accept the terms of service. After completing this step you will have to complete the information with a series of details about yourself including the city in which you live, your physical characteristics, occupation and most frequent habits.

From here, the most important part of the registration begins: creating the profile. This part will be your cover letter, the more complete and sincere it is, the more users will read to you and your chances of meeting people will increase. If you want to be successful, think carefully about what you are going to explain about yourself, outlining what makes you interesting to arouse the curiosity of users and get them to show interest in you.

In the next step you will have to upload photos to complete your profile. Ideally, you should be looking for clear, crisp images of your face and include a full body photo.

To finish with the registration process you must perform the relationship chemistry test so that the system shows you to like-minded people according to your own search criteria.

That’s it! You are already a registered user in POF.

Login to Plenty of Fish after registration

At the top is the personal part of each user where you can check your profile, edit it, ask for help and log out. Immediately below you will see the services that POF offers and that you will be able to start using.

POF Services

1. Mail: This tab controls the messages received and sent.

2. Meetings: In this section it is possible to visualize the photos of the registered users to be able to decide if it is interested in knowing it in function to the physicist.

3. Search: In this option you can select the characteristics of the person you are looking for (age, sex, intentions and geographical area) after which the system will show you the profiles of users who match them. You only have to search among the selected profiles to find someone who catches your attention and send them a first message.

4. Online: The system shows all users who are currently online.

5. Favorites: It is used to save the users with whom the most contacts are maintained. You can also see who has marked you as a bookmark.

6. Chemistry: Here it is possible to see the pairs that the system suggests according to the test that has been elaborated in the registry. It also shows a small study of personality based on the data provided in the test.

7. Ascends: At the beginning we discussed the possibility of becoming a gold member paying a membership to get advantages over normal users: see the full profile of users, check the status of messages sent, there is no advertising, day and time they visit your profile, appear first in the dating section …

Trick: Markus and his POF engineers have done many studies and trends analyzing 1.2 million profiles, and have identified certain patterns and words that are used in the most successful profiles that usually find a partner. You can learn more about this study in article from El Pais.

Advantages of “Golden Membership”

As we have commented most of the options are free, but this is a small trap since, as they say from inside the POF itself, “golden” male users get 900% more contacts, as they have many more advantages over the rest.

In short, if you don’t pay, you don’t have anything to do against the “golden members” as they will take all the visits and all the contacts.

In addition, this site has a problem because most users are men. If you’re a guy, you’ll go unnoticed if you don’t pay. And if you’re a girl, you’ll feel totally harassed by so many men, who normally tend to get to the point and be very direct in the relationship because of the high competition.

And what advantages will I have if I become a “Golden Member”?

  • A prominent position in all searches, going to triple the visits of your profile
  • 900% increase in the chances of having an appointment (i.e., a burrada)
  • You can upload more photos to your profile, and therefore be more visible
  • You can get hundreds of Goldfish credits to spend on many things: buying gifts, sending unlimited gifts, having more control over your emails, more options when contacting other people…
  • You can access the “Ultra Pair” function where you are presented with the users most compatible with your profile
  • More options on your profile, to highlight it, improve the template and appearance, review who voted for your profile, and more.

Conclusion: “Only those who pay are linked”. If you don’t pay, you go unnoticed, so you have to pay and it is no longer free. And for that we already have better paying sites. That’s why we don’t recommend this portal because there are better options.

POF, Real User Opinions

The opinions of are not at all satisfactory. You can read it below.

Although Plenty of Fish has a large number of registered users, not all that glitters is gold and a large majority of them would not recommend this platform to their friends or acquaintances. These are some of the comments from the people who have installed the app:

The opinions on POF of users who are (or at some point have been) registered on this dating page contrasts a little with the nice version that its creator, Markus, aims to get.

  • Users who don’t have a “gold membership” (paid), complain that they don’t get dates, and only link those who pay.
  • A large majority say that the actual ratio of registered men/women is quite discouraging: 1 woman to 10 men. If you are a man, bad news
  • There are many complaints from operators hired by Plenty Of Fish to respond sporadically to men and to create non-existent expectations.
  • Other complaints that are read a lot in Internet forums is the difficulty to register, the use of an automatic translator that sometimes makes illegible the content in Spanish and that a large majority of links do not work properly, that the chat is not operational and the messaging system is somewhat uncomfortable to use.
  • And don’t forget that if you want to have unlimited access to all the content of, you must become a Gold Member for which you will have to pay, otherwise you won’t even have access to read the answers to the messages sent.

Advantages of POF. What we liked the most

🙂 It’s “almost free,” with most options unpaid

🙂 Millions of registered users, so there are many profiles to choose from and increases the chance of success in finding a partner or friends.

🙂 They offer a complete personality test (chemistry test), which has hardly anything to envy to other similar payment tests (such as Edarling, for example).

🙂 There are mobile apps for both Android and Apple devices. However, the application is not as good as other competing apps such as Badoo or Tinder, as we read in this article.

Disadvantages of POF. Negative

🙁 They sell it to you as free, but in the end it’s like (almost) everyone, and you have to pay to be a Gold Member. If you don’t pay it’s impossible to meet people and have them look at your profile.

🙁 Many dissatisfied users all over the internet, most of whom do not recommend it. There are countless people who ask how to unsubscribe, delete account, if it is a scam or a scam, and so on.

🙁 Problems with the use of chat and messages, which do not work at all well

🙁 Very low ratio of women to men. If you’re a boy you’ll have a hard time finding someone, and if you’re a girl you’ll feel harassed.

🙁 Many complaints of fake profiles and operators hired to encourage chats and that more people register and pay to be “Gold Member” (paid)

Conclusion. Our final assessment

To be an almost free site is not bad, but at the moment of truth you realize that without paying you have nothing to do. Therefore, being free is a trap because in the end it becomes a paid site, and for that there are already better options on the Internet, such as Meetic for example.

POF cannot be compared to other “serious” payment portals such as Meetic or Edarling. Its only success is due to the fact that it has many free options and many people sign up just to try it, which leads to the fact that the chances of finding a partner are very slim. One only has to look at the amount of negative comments and the users themselves do not recommend it.

The final conclusion is not a very reliable place to find a stable and lasting relationship. On the other hand, if you have clear ideas and simply want to meet people from your city, expand your social circle or have a good time online, it can be very useful.

In an increasingly individualized society, the way of finding a partner or simply relating to others, has undergone a huge change mainly due to the use of new technologies. There are many networks of contacts and searches of existing couples on the Internet and more and more users of the same, and more if they are free (or almost free, as in this case).

The computer (or any other mobile device) is the best way to meet people and get to know each other. That’s why lately a lot of free or semi-free pages are appearing, but as we’re seeing, most of them aren’t worth it.