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The Only Guide To Syrian Brides You’ll Ever Need

Why Are Syrian Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Syria may not be the first country you think of when imagining foreign mail order brides, but Syrian brides are getting more and more international recognition. If you don’t know anything about Syrian mail order brides but want to get to know them, here are three of their best qualities.

Gorgeous looks

The beauty of Syrian brides is one of the most impressive things about them, and noticing it doesn’t make you shallow — it just makes you observant. The looks of Syrian mail order brides are far from subtle: these women know their best features and are not afraid to show them. Even the most conservatively dressed Syrian lady will still exude femininity and unique charm that you will never see elsewhere.


As you can imagine, life in Syria is far from easy and peaceful. From a very young age, Syrian girls have to overcome a lot of obstacles just to live their normal lives. However, instead of making them angry or defeated, those circumstances make them strong and capable of winning in every situation. This is why Syrian mail order brides simply flourish when they move overseas for marriage, as it’s easier for them to adapt than for many other foreign brides.


With a Syrian mail order bride as your life partner, you will never need to guess what she’s thinking or wonder how she feels about you. Syrian women are always honest and sincere. They see no fun in concealing their true feelings, which is true both for negative and positive feelings. Your Syrian bride may be the first one to tell you that she loves you, but she will also prefer to openly discuss any possible disagreements between you.

Syrian Brides

What Are Syrian Wives Like?

Marrying a Syrian bride is the best way to ensure that your romance lasts forever. There are many reasons to marry a Syrian woman besides her stunning appearance. Here is what Syrian wives are like in marriage.

Skilled homemakers

Syrian women consider homemaking to be their special talent, and for a good reason. They are simply fantastic at everything they do around the house, and it’s probably why they don’t want to share those duties with anyone else. The first time you come home to a flawlessly clean house and a delicious-smelling dinner made by your beloved Syrian wife, you will once again realize that you made the right choice by marrying her.

Talented mothers

Being a perfect mother isn’t something a woman can learn from the books or from her older family members. Motherhood is a natural instinct, and it’s something Syrian wives have in abundance. Even first-time Syrian mothers are so naturally warm with children that you will never regret your decision of getting a Syrian wife. And if you have any kids from previous marriages, your Syrian wife will love and cherish them as her own.

Syrian wives are in for the long run

Syrian women are absolutely monogamous by nature and they want their first marriage to be their only marriage. A Syrian wife will do everything she can to make the marriage last forever. She will achieve it by attending to your every need, creating a compromise every time you have a disagreement, and making sure that you are not bored by your family life even for one minute. Obviously, Syrian wives are also unquestionably faithful and will never make you doubt their loyalty.

Syrian Brides

Why Are Syrian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

If you even occasionally hear about Syria on the news, you probably know that the situation in this country is far from ideal. With constant political turmoil, military conflicts, and many cities and villages turning into ruins, getting married to a foreign man is often one of the few ways for young Syrian to escape the dire conditions in their home country.

Syrian mail order brides also believe they can achieve more with their education and career if they move abroad. Finally, there is an undeniable attraction Syrian women feel for Western men, and that is exactly what inspires them to look for a husband abroad.

The Guide on Marrying a Syrian Woman

Tips on dating a Syrian girl

Getting a Syrian bride is one of the best things that can happen to you, but if you want the relationship to end in a loving marriage instead of fizzling out, you will need to follow these five helpful tips:

  • Impress her with a gesture. The decision to date you may be a difficult one for your Syrian mail order bride, so you need to convince her using some kind of gesture. Whether it’s a giant bouquet of flowers or something more meaningful, it should help you achieve your goal.
  • Make an effort to connect with her culture. To a foreigner, Syrian culture may seem mysterious and complicated, but you still need to do your best to connect with it. Start by reading about the most famous Syrian personalities or take your bride to a Syrian restaurant.
  • The woman paying is out of the question. When you invite your Syrian mail order bride out for a date, you should never expect her to pay even half of the bill. This is also true for taxi rides and other instances where the money is needed on a date.
  • Find some shared points. When you both come from different countries, it can be very easy to focus on your differences and start thinking that you are not compatible. However, there are definitely a lot of similarities between the two of you, so you just need to find them.
  • Talk about your views of the future. Even when you are only getting to know each other with your Syrian bride, it’s very important to be on the same page in terms of your future. Discuss things like family, career, and children to make sure there is a match.
    Syrian Brides

Why Are Syrian Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Meeting Syrian bride parents: 3 tips

The important thing to realize before meeting the parents of your Syrian mail order bride is that they are probably not thrilled about the idea of their daughter marrying a foreigner. That is why you will need to be extra charming and convincing, and here is how to do it:

  • Learn what they’re like before the meeting. Depending on their background, social status, and financial stability, the parents of your Syrian bride can be fairly modern or rather outdated. Ask your bride what they are like and choose an appropriate line of behavior for the visit.

  • Bring meaningful gifts for everyone. In Syrian culture, it is considered to be distasteful when you visit important people in your life without a gift. Don’t just bring a bottle of wine or a box of sweets for everyone — try to choose the perfect gift for each member of the family with the help of your bride.

  • Demonstrate your serious intentions. Older Syrian people are aware that Syrian brides are often viewed by foreigners as exotic beauties that are ideal for dating, but those foreigners are in no rush to marry them. Prove you are not like those foreigners by telling your future in-laws about your long-term plans.

Syrian wedding customs and laws

A Syrian wedding allows you to experience Syrian culture in the most enlightening way, but when it’s your own Syrian wedding you’re preparing for, you definitely want to know what to expect. Here are the 5 things you will witness at every wedding in Syria.

  • The Khetbeth ceremony. The Khetbeth ceremony is the official introduction ceremony where the couple indicates their desire to get married and signs a legal document binding them together. The groom may also need to pay a symbolic bride price.

  • The pre-wedding parties. Both the bride and the groom celebrate their upcoming nuptials, but they do it separately. The women’s party often includes henna tattoos and throwing the bouquet, and the men’s party often takes place in the hammam.

  • A white wedding. Syrian weddings are traditionally religious, but many modern Syrian brides and grooms often for a white wedding instead. It involves the usual aspects of a Western wedding, from exchanging the rings to cutting the cake in the end.

  • Pricking the knee. The bride and the groom will get ready for the wedding separately with the help of their friends. The groom’s friends will try to prick his knee with a pin, and whoever succeeds is the next one to get married.

  • Walking underneath the swords. Syrian brides and grooms will often hire Syrian performing warriors, who will be dressed in traditional clothes and bring swords. They will then create a corridor with crossed swords for the bride and the groom to walk under.

Syrian Brides

Frequently Asked Questions

Does religion play an important role in the life of a Syrian bride?

Yes, religion is an essential part of the personality of a Syrian mail order bride. However, the more modern her household is and the less strict her parents are, the more likely is religion to be the main guiding force in her life. In other words, if you meet a Syrian bride online, it likely means she is more modern and doesn’t rely on religion too much.

Will my Syrian wife return to work after having kids?

Syrian women are getting stronger and more independent by the minute, which is why more and more of them actively want to build a career and achieve financial independence. However, Syrian brides are still very traditional and if their significant other can fully support the family on his own, they would much rather stay at home and spend time with the kids.

Who typically manages the budget in a Syrian family?

Every household is different, and you and your Syrian wife can find a solution that works for you both and doesn’t fall under any social norms. However, women in Syria are lately getting more likely to be the sole financial manager of the family. Syrian women are smart with money and can help the family save for something important without making any aspect of their life suffer.