Why You Cannot Resist The Attraction To Armenian Brides

Why Are Armenian Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Every year, thousands of Western men book a ticket to Armenia to meet the love of their lives and bring her to their home country for a happy marriage. Here is why you will probably want to do the same.

Armenian brides are too pretty for words

The beauty of Armenian brides is both striking and completely natural. These ladies have strong facial features and an amazing natural coloring that allows them to get away with using little to no makeup. Armenian girls are rightfully proud of their shiny black locks and their mesmerizing eyes. Armenian women usually have a medium height, but their stunning curves are far from mediocre. Paired with the signature fashion style of Armenian brides, their bodies instantly captivate men.

They combine traditional and modern views

Armenia is one of the most polarizing societies on the planet where modern and old-fashioned opinions are combined in a unique way, and this kind of duality naturally made an impact on the worldview of Armenian brides. On one hand, they want to be happily married and raise lovely children. On the other hand, they want everything that Western women have, and they are so determined and confident that they easily make it all happen.

Armenian mail order brides are strictly monogamous

Armenian brides are very serious about their relationships and will never date anyone if they don’t have long-term plans involving the other person. That is why you can often meet Armenian mail order brides in their twenties who have never been seriously involved with men. And even if they have, you can rest assured you will be the only significant man in their lives, as these women would never be romantically attached to more than one man at a time.

Armenian brides

What Are Armenian Wives Like?

If you are considering marriage to an Armenian wife, we are happy to tell you that it’s one of the best decisions you can ever make. Besides their beauty and intelligence, Armenian wives have a lot more to offer to the lucky man who will marry one of them:

They make household duties their top priority

No matter what your Armenian wife does for a living and what kind of family she comes from, you can rest assured she is a wizard when it comes to chores. To Armenian wives, they can hardly be called chores. These women view housework as just another way to express their love and caring attitude to their family. From cooking and cleaning to freshly ironed clothes and making it easy for every member of the family to find what he’s looking for, living with an Armenian wife is one of the most comforting experiences in life.

They are amazing as mothers

Family ties are very important in Armenian culture. Your Armenian mail order bride probably considers her parents to be the most indispensable people in her life, and she cannot wait until she has your children. Armenian wives truly shine as mothers. They instinctively know the perfect balance between allowing their kids to do anything and directing their energy into the right places, so your children will grow up into the most balanced adults.

They will love your family as their own

For Armenian wives, family is not limited to their blood relatives such as children and parents. When they get married to a man, they see his family as their own closest relatives. An Armenian wife will insist on calling your parents mother and father and will make active steps to build strong ties with them. Your side of the family, in turn, will get a newfound daughter and everyone will treat each other with as much respect and adoration as possible.

Armenian brides

Why Are Armenian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

To an outsider, Armenia may seem like a well-developed, modern country that shares a lot of Western values. And while that is partially true, for women living in Armenia, things are far from perfect. Young Armenian women face a discriminatory attitude even from their families, who often tell them who to marry and what to do with their lives. Local men also display possessive qualities and don’t want to let Armenian girls live their own lives. All of these facts are exactly what makes Armenian mail order brides search for foreign husbands, along with a sheer attraction to Western men and a belief that life abroad can be happier.

The Guide on Marrying an Armenian Woman

Tips on dating an Armenian girl

Armenian mail order brides are not some sheltered girls who are sitting around waiting for their Prince Charming. An Armenian bride will use her dating experience with you to decide whether she wants to stay with you for a long time in marriage. Check out some tips on how to make a relationship with an Armenian mail order bride work:

  • Be respectful from the start. No matter how modern and experienced your Armenian bride may be, don’t assume that she will react positively to your premature advances or risky jokes. Armenian women like to be respected by men from the get-go.
  • Show off your advantages over local men. Women in Armenia are often disappointed with the dating pool in their own country, so seeing a man who is more confident, loyal, ambitious, and generous will make the decision to date you easier for the lady.
  • Treat your Armenian bride like a princess. Armenian brides are perfectly realistic and down-to-earth, but they still want the relationship to feel special. Planning special dates, surprising your lady with cute gifts, and acting like a complete gentleman is the way to go.
  • Prove you can be a family man. One of the biggest reservations Armenian women have about dating foreigners is that they view Armenian brides as a fleeting love interest. Talk about your family plans and dreams to reassure your bride about your intentions.
  • Become indispensable to her. When dating an Armenian woman, don’t just wait from date to date to be together. Help her with her daily problems, bring her lunch to work, and show that she can count on you for more than a few fun hours together.
    Armenian brides

Why are Armenian women so charming?

Meeting Armenian bride parents: 3 tips

Armenians are rather conservative and many parents of Armenian mail order brides are actually opposed to their daughters marrying foreigners. That is why you will need to use all of your charm and charisma to impress them on the first visit. Here is how you can do it.

  • Plan the meeting yourself. Don’t wait until your Armenian bride invites you to her family home. If you are serious about the lady and want to be seriously considered by her as a potential husband, you need to initiate that first meeting yourself.
  • Get ready for uncomfortable questions. The parents of your Armenian bride will want to know everything about the man who plans to marry their daughter, including your level of income, your housing situation, and your previous marriages and existing kids, if any.
  • Tend to the elder members of the family. The older members of your bride’s family, who will likely be present during the meeting, have a huge authority in the household and their opinion matters a lot. Make sure to be extra respectful and proper around them.

Armenian wedding customs and laws

Getting married to an Armenian bride will introduce you to the most intricate Armenian traditions. There is no better way to experience the amazing Armenian culture than your own wedding, and here are the 5 traditions to get ready for:

  • The Khosk-Kap ceremony. The Khosk-Kap ceremony is the official introduction of the groom and his family to the bride’s family and a way to get their approval. These days, this ceremony is purely symbolic, as Armenian brides are free to marry whoever they want.
  • Red and green ribbons. Red and green are the two most important colors at an Armenian wedding. The mother of the groom will tie a red and green sash on his shirt as a symbol of peace, love, and sacrifice.
  • Christian Orthodox wedding. With a few exceptions, all weddings in Armenia take place in the Christian Orthodox church and involve many Orthodox traditions. In the end, the bride and the groom will wear ceremonial crowns as the king and queen of their household.
  • Breaking the plate. After getting to the wedding reception venue, the first thing the newlyweds need to do is break a plate for good luck. The modern version of this tradition is breaking the plate in a mesh bag to avoid making a mess on the floor.
  • Showering with money. When the new husband and wife take the central stage to perform their first dance together, the wedding guests will shower them with coins, paper money, and even nuts and sweets for prosperity in the new family.

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Freuently Asked Questions

Is it a problem if I’m older than my Armenian bride?

No, not at all. Many Armenian mail order brides consider themselves to be mature for their age. They don’t want to date their peers because they find them immature and unable to seriously commit to a relationship. That is why marriage to an older man looks much more attractive to them and with time, the age difference will not be noticeable at all.

Do Armenian mail order brides know any English?

Of course! Armenia has a strong education system where all women receive a high-quality secondary education and most of them then go on to graduate with a university degree. Needless to say, this kind of education comes with a good knowledge of English. Plus, many young Armenian brides are well-traveled and use English on vacations, as well as at work and to communicate with their foreign acquaintances.

Should I expect my Armenian wife to work?

Only a few decades ago, Armenian wives hardly ever worked after having children and preferred to fully depend on men financially. Modern Armenian mail order wives are a different story. Some of them still want to become housewives and fully dedicate themselves to children and housework. However, there are also many Armenian brides who plan to continue working even after getting married and having children.