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Why Are Filipina Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Wherever you go on the internet in a search of Asian women for marriage, you will always come across Filipina mail order brides. They are getting more and more coveted by Western men every year, and here are just three reasons for their popularity.

They look fantastic

You cannot meet a single Filipina mail order bride without noting how beautiful she is. Filipina ladies are petite but curvy. They are not particularly shy with their clothes and always try to put their best features forward. They have expressive facial features, olive-toned skin, and black, shiny hair that frames their faces perfectly. Like all Asian women, Filipina brides seem to have unlocked the secret to eternal beauty and will retain their gorgeous look for many years.

They are perfect for serious relationships

Most Filipina women for marriage you meet online and in person have had some dating experience in the past. However, things didn’t work out for them for different reasons, and that is why they come to the idea of marrying a foreign man. When they have a clear goal to get married, they won’t be distracted by casual relationships or hookups, and they are capable of absolute loyalty and monogamy with the man that captures their heart.

They are attentive and romantic

Romance is one of the strongest character traits of Filipina brides. They are not some cold, reserved women who are only waiting for attention from men while doing absolutely nothing. A Filipina mail order bride is someone who will text you every morning to wish you a good day, surprise you with a cute and thoughtful gift on your first anniversary, and make sure you never go to work hungry or without a packed homemade lunch.

Filipina Brides

What Are Filipina Wives Like?

There are several reasons why Filipina women are coveted not only for dating, but also for marriage. Besides the obvious reasons like loyalty and hard-working nature, here is what else you can look forward to when you marry a Filipina mail order bride.

They have the right priorities

Filipina wives can have a lot in their daily schedules, but family will always come first. Even when things are going exceptionally well for every member of the family, your Filipina wife will be there for everyone to celebrate. And if there are some problems along the way, you can rest assured your Filipina wife will do her best to support you through it and do whatever she can to make things better.

They make amazing mothers

Many Filipina women for marriage grow up in big families with several generations living under the same roof. In addition to teaching them compassion, homemaking skills, and negotiating tactics, this family life also makes Filipina girls perfectly prepared for motherhood. They are well aware of the challenges new kids can bring to the family and they know how to deal with them to make life easier for everyone. Filipina wives are caring and attentive as mothers, but they don’t lose sight of their relationship with their husband in the process.

They constantly work on their cooking skills

Living in a multigenerational household with several matriarchs of the family is impossible without learning how to cook delicious food with minimal ingredients. As Filipina girls grow up, they master other cooking techniques and become more familiar with exotic flavors. When you meet a Filipina mail order bride in her twenties or thirties, you can expect her to be the most skilled cook you’ve ever met, and her talent will only grow stronger the more time you spend together.

Filipina Brides

Why Are Filipina Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Marriage to a foreign man is a very popular idea among young Filipina brides for several reasons. First, they are inspired by the success stories from fellow women who married foreigners and moved abroad to create a better life. Second, they find Western men physically and personally appealing, sometimes even more so than they find local guys. Third, marriage to a foreign man brings peace, stability, and opportunities that Filipina women truly deserve.

The Guide on Marrying a Filipina Woman

Tips on dating a Filipina girl

Building a relationship with a Filipina mail order bride is a delicate matter, especially when you want the relationship to progress to a loving and long-lasting marriage. These 5 tips will help you charm your Filipina bride from the get-go.

  • Be persistent if necessary. Filipina girls may play coy and even reject your original advances, but it doesn’t mean they actually don’t want to get to know you. It never hurts to ask twice just in case.

  • Find out what she wants to do for a date. Your Filipina bride’s idea of a perfect date may be very different from yours. To avoid any uncomfortable situations and to give your Filipina woman the time of her life, ask her what she’d like to do.

  • Invest time and effort into your look. You will undoubtedly feel proud to walk with a sexy Filipina woman by your side, but you should know that she wants the same. Even minimal effort with your look will give you a major advantage.

  • Don’t mention your finances too often. Your Filipina mail order bride needs to know that you’re well-off, but it’s easy to come across as braggy and self-involved when all you do is talk about your house, car, job, and bank account.

  • Show you are ready for commitment. Filipina brides have often been disappointed by foreign men who want nothing but casual relationships, so if you want to make your Filipina woman stick around, show her that you’re in for the long run.

Filipina Brides

Meeting Filipina bride parents: 3 tips

In Filipina culture, marriage is impossible without meeting the parents first, even if you are both adults who met on their own without any involvement from your parents. Check out these three tips that will help you succeed during your first visit to your Filipina bride’s parents.

  • Bring presents from home. Something tasty like chocolates or wine, or something useful, provided that it has a distinct connection to your home country, will be appreciated by your future in-laws more than some expensive gift you picked up on your way from the airport.

  • Help with the dinner. The first meeting with a prospective son-in-law in the Philippines revolves around food, so it’s completely natural for you to offer a helping hand with cooking, participate in distributing the food, and carry the dishes to the kitchen afterwards.

  • Have some knowledge of their language and culture. No one expects you to have expert-level knowledge of Filipina culture and language when you’ve only just met your Filipina bride, but coming equipped with a few facts and phrases will always work in your favor.

Why Are Filipina Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Filipina wedding customs and laws

A traditional Filipina wedding is amazing to watch even as a guest, but when it’s your own wedding to a Filipina bride, you will enjoy all the little customs and quirks even more. Here are the 5 Filipina wedding traditions to keep in mind ahead of your wedding.

  • Official introduction. You may know your Filipina bride’s parents for years before the wedding and your parents may treat her like a daughter, but there still needs to be an official introduction ceremony where gifts will be exchanged.

  • Preparing for the wedding. When it’s time to plan the wedding, it is customary for Filipinas to get involved. Each member of the wedding party will be responsible for a certain aspect of planning, and the negotiations will be done in whispers to prevent the evil spirits from eavesdropping.

  • The ceremonial cord. A central element of a Filipina wedding ceremony is the ceremonial cord being placed over the heads of the newlyweds in the shape of figure 8 for everlasting love and happiness.

  • Newlyweds performing for the guests. During the wedding reception, the bride and the groom won’t just sit around passively waiting to be entertained — they will perform a few dance numbers or even songs to the delight of the guests.

  • The money dance. The Philippines is a largely Catholic country, which is why it has adopted many of the traditional Catholic wedding customs. One of them is the money dance, where the guests take turns to dance with the bride and the groom and pin money to their clothes.

Filipina Brides

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that Filipina mail order brides are money-hungry?

There is a popular stereotype about Filipina mail order brides that these women are only interested in their partner’s finances. However, this stereotype is certainly an exaggeration. A comfortable life with all the necessities is exactly what a Filipina woman wants, but she is prepared to accept almost any conditions just to be with the man she loves.

Can a Filipina bride fall in love with an older man?

Certainly! Filipina girls consider themselves to be rather mature and they are often not interested in dating or marrying their peers, who often lack a serious attitude and ambitious nature of older guys. Most Filipina mail order brides are completely fine with an age difference of around 10 years, but you can easily find a woman who prefers an even bigger age gap.

Should I expect my Filipina wife to work?

In most cases, Filipina wives are at their happiest when they don’t need to work and can fully devote themselves to their families. In return, they will pay so much attention to their family that you will never regret having a stay-at-home wife. However, when the situation is complicated and you need financial assistance from your wife, she will go to work without hesitation.