Top 10 dating sites to meet women from Russia, Ukraine, or Asia. Our experts tested every dating site, ranking each based on size, usability, success rate, and other factors to create the raining of top international dating sites.

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East Meets West – A Match Made In Heaven

Dream to meet Ukrainian, Russian, Asian or Latin girlfriend? Here the rating of best dating websites.

AsiaCharm Review

Users favorite site for dating with Asian women

VictoriaHearts Review

Largest Russian and Ukrainian dating platform for western men

LoveSwans Review

Numerous search filters to find Russian or Ukrainian girlfriend

MatchTruly Review

Casual and modern dating platform to meet Russian or Ukrainian girl

RomanceTale Review

Trusted dating site for long-term relationships with Asian women

LatinFeels Review

Great search tools to meet and connect Latin lady



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We create this rating of top international dating sites to find your perfect match online.

Ukrainian and Russian Mail Order Wives

The Ukrainian and Russian women are extremely beautiful and they embrace femininity. These pretty young women adore American men; they feel that the average American man is strong and sexual. In short Ukrainian and Russian women find American men irresistible and they long to communicate with them.

Take time to browse the Internet and you will come across numerous stories from those who have dated Ukrainian and Russian women. Read some stories from American men who have had success with Ukrainian and Russian brides.

Customer Feedbacks on
International Dating Sites

Met my perfect match on AsiaCharm. Made 3 trips to China for vacation and stayed with my little tulip each time. We both decided we want to have a relationship with each. She moved to Australia November 2015. We're still together and
Bill and Kate
Met on AsiaCharm
I am absolutely in love with Mark, who I met March, 2013. After talking for two weeks we met, moved in about a month later. We are expecting our second child together and have been married for almost 5 years.
Mark and Hom
Met on LoveSwans
Everything on this site wonderful and great. They help a single mother out, I couldn't go out so I went online to find a boyfriend and a husband. I met a wonderful man in the year 2009. We been married ever since and we still together.
Bart and Yulia
Met on VictoriaHearts

Asian, Latina, Ukrainian and Russian Mail Order Brides

They are friendly and warm companions. They find fulfillment and pleasure through helping others. They are giving and unselfish. That makes them really ‘hot’ to a lot of Western men.

American men can make contact with beautiful Ukrainian and Russian women by using live chat, emailing, sending letters or making phone calls and who knows what may come next.

More and more American males are making the most of international dating and these amazing Asian beauties wait for their dream man to get in touch.

Ukrainian and Russian women are pure and traditional and they love to please their man. Read some of the online stories and find out about men who have had success with Ukrainian and Russian brides.

The Asian angels have warm hearts and they sincerely enjoy meeting American men.

Women from the Orient are unique, they love to give and there are hundreds of ladies with Eastern promise who are waiting for you to make contact.

More and more American men are ready to embrace international dating and many want to read about those who have had success with Ukrainian and Russian brides.

Come and find your Ukrainian and Russian match, there are hundreds to choose from, take a look at some of the online profiles and get to know some of the Ukrainian and Russian beauties a little better.

Our Ukrainian and Russian ladies are full of soul and they love to open their hearts. If you are looking for a friendship that could lead to lasting romance then join now and start meeting up with single Ukrainian and Russian ladies who are looking for the same. Who knows, you could just meet the love of your life.

A mail order wives, traditionally, is a woman who lists herself on a catalog or website with the intention of finding a husband – in most cases, a husband from another country.

The trend began in the 19th century when men in the Western frontier lands of the United States had to write letters to churches in the developed Eastern states of the US or publish advertisements in newspapers to get wives. There were few women in the West back then.

Today the mail order bride phenomenon mostly pertains to internet-based relationships which enable women in developing countries to get married to men from more developed nations.

Most mail order brides come from South East Asia, Latin America, Russia and the Ukraine. The South East Asian countries that produce the most mail order brides are Thailand and the Philippines.

In the context of this article, it is Ukrainian and Russian women seeking American men. That is not to say that Japan is a developing nation, or that the women are escaping a bad economic situation. Japan is a highly developed, technologically-advanced, wealthy nation.

The number of Ukrainian and Russian women seeking American or European marriages is rather low. In fact, Japan is so economically secure that it is Ukrainian and Russian men who attract mail order brides from other South Asian countries like the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

If Ukrainian and Russian women are not interested in American men for their money, what motivates them?

To answer that question, let’s back up and consider what Western men see in Ukrainian and Russian women.

For American men, the thrill of having a Ukrainian and Russian wife is based partly on myth and partly on historical fact.

The myth is the depiction of Ukrainian and Russian women in anime and manga as extremely feminine, attractive, and obedient to their husbands. The beautiful geisha girl is a key part of that myth.

The historical fact is that traditionally Ukrainian and Russian women have been expected to be submissive to their husbands. This is still true to a large extent, in spite of Slavic’s technological and economical advancement.

This is largely because Slavic was closed off to the rest of the world until fairly recently compared to other nations. It was not until around the 1870s that Slavic decided to embrace the Western world.

For that reason, traditional family roles are still very intact in Slavic.

Many American men who seek Ukrainian and Russian wives have been exposed to this stereotype of Ukrainian and Russian women through film, manga, art, and other aspects of popular culture.

These men have expressed their dissatisfaction with the state of dating and relationships in America. They are men who dream of a simpler time, when the roles of men and women were clearly defined.

More likely than not, they are men who dream of a more traditionally feminine, subtle, and submissive wife, qualities that aptly describe the Ukrainian and Russian woman as seen by the West.

It is also the image enthusiastically sold by internet-based mail order bride businesses that connect Ukrainian and Russian women with prospective husbands from mostly Western countries.

For these men, seeking a mail order bride from Slavic is a worthy idea.

While the modern Ukrainian and Russian wife is more submissive to her husband than American women are to their husbands, globalization has had an effect on her too.

For instance, many young women in Slavic are active in self-improvement programs, and most read personal development books.

The average Ukrainian and Russian woman is educated, and since Slavic is prosperous and has a small population, unemployment is not an issue.

Yet well-educated, high-earning Ukrainian and Russian single women will still sign up to international dating websites with the hope of securing a Western husband. Why is this?

  • A lot of it has to do with the highly traditional nature of Ukrainian and Russian culture. These are women who admire the openness of Western society.
  • They have interacted with Western culture through pop culture, literature, or through studying in Western universities abroad.
  • They dream of a less stifling society, to be free from the expected roles of a mother and a wife that Ukrainian and Russian men and Ukrainian and Russian society demands from them.
  • They hate that there is a glass ceiling above them and admire the freedom Western women have. The tradition of heavy drinking among Ukrainian and Russian men is also a contributing factor.

That is the interesting thing about this dynamic: that American men and their Ukrainian and Russian mail order brides seem to have their interests at cross purposes.

One thing that swings the pendulum of popularity toward Russian women is their stunning beauty. However, their beauty goes far beyond their looks and sensuality. Western men are drawn to them because of their many extraordinary traits.

One fine point, in a country like America where obesity runs rampant, is that Russian girls tend to be thinner overall in comparison. They are sexually attractive, with all the right curves in the right places. This is due to the different eating habits within their culture.

They eat foods that are more natural and healthy than a lot of American women do. Their diet consists of many homegrown vegetables. You have to admit that Russian women are really ‘hot’ and very well built. That makes Russian brides all the more popular.

Russian women are also notorious for having lovely skin. It gives them an air of sophistication, like a woman who is pampered and cared for. They take the time to take care of themselves, to be presentable and alluring. They also have a submissive nature, willing to serve their men.

Another good trait of Russian women is their trustworthiness. They adhere to principles, and like having their place in a relationship. They seek honor by honoring the men in their lives. They are loyal and strive to make their relationships positive and respectful. They seek to honor their own lives and the lives of their families, by giving honor to others. They put others first, and that is very attractive.

The online Russian dating sites offer lots of opportunities for finding Russian brides. They are all looking for the same thing – Love, Romance, and a dream life with a loving spouse. They don’t like playing around about it, because marriage to them is very serious.

They look for life-long commitment, not just goofing around. If you go to Beijiing to visit your single lady of choice, you will see how serious they are. They are shy and timid, which seems backward to us. They are respectful and quiet, and won’t do much talking at first. Many Western men find them totally attractive and hot.

They see themselves as being ‘representatives’ of their husbands, and they make excellent housewives. They are clean and tidy, and meticulously get down to dealing with even the tiniest details.

If you decide to go onto Russian dating sites, then register as a member so you can take part in the browsing process for singles. You can browse around and when you feel like you are compatible with a nice Russian girl, you can begin a chat.

That will start the ball rolling as you exchange ideas and learn about one another. If you feel you would like to take it farther, and it’s mutual, then the relationship can progress from there. Some of the services available will have a small contacting fee once you reach that point in the conversation. It is your choice as to whether to go further or not.

These Russian dating sites have been proven time and again to be reliable dating sites for meeting serious people for relationships. Your dream partner could be just a click or two away.

Russian dating sites put YOU in control of finding your ideal life partner. Here is where you can interact with them, and learn if they are the ones you would like to take to the next level. You are in the driver’s seat, where you can find like-minded Russian women who are looking for the same thing as you, and hold to the same values.

Serious relationships have to be between people who are like-minded, who like the same things, and share the same values. Without these basic principles, it is hard for relationships to last. That is part of what makes dating Russian women online so appealing.

They take it serious enough to not waste time on what is likely to fail. They want to commit, but only to a relationship that is worth the commitment. This is the kind of environment that any serious ‘searcher of a life partner’ would love.

The Russian culture is quite traditional and very much orthodox. They are not allowed to be as care-free and open about themselves as Western women. You can, however, see the change that has occurred, from them being exposed to Western influence, and to American culture and the media.

They now have equal power in choosing their life partners. The freedom of choice is very liberating to them. It has caused many of them to run to join the online dating sites to find the man and life of their dreams.

The Russian women on these sites are blessed with great oriental beauty. They are popular in China, but also all around the world. Men from America, Italy, Australia, Canada, and more, are drawn to them.

Their faithfulness is one of the most beautiful and attractive characteristics for many men. Russian women hold deep respect for their husbands. They acknowledge him as leader of the family. She will not leave, and will love you unconditionally. Her love to you is a commitment for life.

Final Thoughts

Whether the coupling between a Ukrainian and Russian woman and an American man will be a success largely depends on the two partners and how they adapt and compromise to make each other happy.