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Affiny, our affinity dating site, allows you to meet men and women with the same aspirations and the same vision of…

Disappointed by superficial encounters and passing stories? Switch to affinity dating with Affiny and meet men and women with the same aspirations and vision of life as you, for long-lasting relationships and beautiful stories together! Thanks to our exclusive personality test, we propose you profiles of singles according to the compatibility of your desires and your personality.

At the heart of our affinity dating: the Affiny test

We don’t just present you with numerous photos of potential partners. Affiny is first and foremost a unique love personality test for singles who want to meet people in a serious way. Unlike traditional dating sites, we don’t match profiles based on physical characteristics or similar hobbies. Or at least not only. Because what makes a lasting relationship refers to deep personality traits about which you should leave as little as possible to chance.

To help you, Affiny offers you a complete and free questionnaire with more than 100 questions about your values, your personality, your vision of the couple and your life plans. Different mixes of compatible personality traits, complementarity, similar aspirations… and a pinch of magic will do the rest!

Our unique test will allow you to browse through the profiles of men and women who really share your values and with whom you could plan a long-term relationship. We help you to meet singles who will be in phase with you on questions as important as the place of the couple in your life, the relationship with the family, personal aspirations, children… No less than 71 criteria come into play. We leave less room for chance and disappointment!

Of course, we rely on your passions, your place of residence, your work, but the Affiny test goes further. What will allow you to project yourself with a man or a woman for more than a few weeks will be a set of deeper elements: the place of family and friends in your life, the question of children, your professional situation and aspirations, your values, your culture… The rare pearl should reveal itself thanks to our work on the affinities between our members

After analyzing your love personality, we suggest profiles of members with a high affinity score with you. Based on common points but also on complementary characters and desires, this score will guide you among our different suggestions. In addition, we will draw up a profile of the personality of the ideal man or woman for you, which will give you a point of comparison when reading the different descriptions of the members.

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The exuberance of one balances a greater reserve of the other, and better, it is tempered in its excessive and helps the other to get out of its shyness. The love of travel of one person fits well with the desire for an international career of the other. One’s great culture will appeal to the other’s insatiable curiosity and desire to discover the world. Of course, we don’t force the oppositions either and only play on some of them when, in addition, the basic aspirations and many desires are identical. It’s all about finding the personality traits that will be a driving force for a meeting that will lead to a real story.

We naturally also rely on your hobbies, your place of residence, your work… It is by cross-referencing all these elements that we strive to present you with the most relevant members and hope that you will write a beautiful story with one of them!

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To help you meet people according to your affinities, we give you many tips about seduction and love life as well as answers to questions that many members may ask themselves. How do I know if I have the right partner? Am I still able to have a lasting relationship? How do I seduce him or her? How to overcome the stress of the first date? Is it normal to argue sometimes? These are some of the questions you might ask yourself when you meet someone on Affiny. In this case, don’t hesitate to consult our section!

All encounters have a human side, and beautiful encounters have a magical side. You may have doubts, fears, or you may simply wonder how to make the adventure a success. We are here to help you! Whether you have questions about the seduction game, about managing stress during the first meeting, about your self-confidence or about him/her, we will give you a lot of advice so that you can move forward in your quest for your soul mate.

Don’t forget to be as honest as possible by taking the personality test. Not only will it help us to suggest profiles of members who could potentially have a great relationship with you, but answering “what you would need” instead of your true thoughts or character trait may disappoint you. You may meet members whose character is too different or even incompatible with yours.

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We take care of your data security

At Affiny, we take care to protect your personal data, both in terms of your profile and your payment information. We also respect your anonymity in case you do not want your profile picture to be visible to other members. Finally, in order to ensure the peace of mind and security of our members, each profile is subject to a human check by our moderation team.

In order for your search for love to be a success, don’t hesitate to be yourself and to remain as honest as possible throughout your search, whether it’s during the personality test or in your description and during your exchanges with members. Even if you are considering correcting what you believe to be certain flaws, don’t forget to point them out: if you ever keep them, at least that might be part of your charm for a member!

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In order to meet nice people, an attractive profile picture, the idea that the ideal woman would be blonde or that the ideal man would be tall and blue-eyed are unfortunately not enough. Affiny doesn’t just match members’ profiles based on physical characteristics or common hobbies. Whether she is blond, brunette, tall, thin, a figure skating fan, a sportswoman or passionate about history, it is first and foremost through her personality that the person with whom you are going to meet will seduce you and above all will allow you to envisage a future together. This is why we have taken great care in designing our personality test for dating:

– We ask you questions that are sometimes very general, sometimes detailed, to better understand your personality

– We give you your personality type so that you can better understand yourself and your desires

– We draw up an ideal portrait of the man or woman who would suit you best for a lasting relationship

On your computer, your smartphone or your tablet, we will propose you every day new profiles sharing the values and the desires which are dear to you. You will see the different points in common between you and them but also what makes each one unique. Remember that the search for the alter-ego is the search for an “alter”, another person, not your double of the opposite sex!

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Anonymity and your security, our priorities

On Affiny, we are committed to respecting your anonymity. If you don’t want other members to see your photo, or if you only want to share it with certain members, you have every right to do so. This way you have complete control over how your photo is shared. Other members will understand that on an affinity dating site, it’s not about your blonde hair or the size of your nose!

We also pay great attention to the protection of your personal data, and of course your payment information. You should also know that all the profiles are manually controlled by our care and that a team of moderation exists to remove any person with the harmful behavior to the other members.