Romance tours

The best way to get to know your potential wife is to meet her in person. Our agency provides a Romance Tours service to help you find your perfect soul mate and life partner. We will be happy to guide you through arranging an unforgettable, comfortable romance trip. If you have already chosen a lady from our site who you now would like to meet in person, or you are in search for your perfect match, don’t hesitate to check out our Romance Tour opportunities. Traveling on your own to the former USSR countries could be a challenge. As a foreigner, you may encounter different obstacles and risks which will not only interfere with your main purpose, but will also incur large expenses.


With our Romance Tours, you will not have to worry about a thing! We will help you with thoroughly-organized trip where you will be able to look for your future wife in both a comfortable and safe setting. During the whole Tour, you will be assisted by our professional staff that will show you the beauty of Slavic culture and the warmth of peoples’ hearts living there.

You will enjoy our Romance Tours because:

We take an individual approach with every man who comes to us.
Our agency works on a personal basis with our clients to ensure success, and that is why each tour is tailored specifically to the man, taking into consideration his personal likes and dislikes.

The Tour may include everything from daily meals to sightseeing trips.
We meticulously plan the man’s activities during the trip and make sure to cover them in our Tour. You can choose your meals, lodging, and entertainment which best suits you and your lady. It could be romantic evenings at the restaurants, celebrations, sightseeing tours, etc. We can also provide you with an interpreter and transport at will.


The Tour usually includes:

  • transfer, airport – lodging (comfortable automobile with conditioner)
  • comfortable apartments
  • personal transport and a driver
  • personal interpreter round-the-clock
  • internet access
  • daily meals
  • sightseeing trips
  • Russian/Ukrainian culture discoveries: Russian sauna, traditional dishes and merrymakings, etc.
  • entertainment: billiard, bowling, ice-rink, etc.
  • romantic evenings, restaurants, flowers, souvenirs.