Tinder Review

Without a doubt, Tinder has revolutionized the Dating industry and how to date or find a partner online. Last year there were up to 10 billion swipes in Spain alone. Its growth is unstoppable thanks to its freshness and its new way of connecting with people looking for friendship, love or even casual sex. Of course, after trying Tinder consciously for a while, I give you my opinions about my experience in this App.

Tinder is one of the best and most popular websites and apps in the world for flirting and dating, with more than 20 billion matches to date. Mainly dedicated to young people eager to have an adventure and without love complications. Have fun with Tinder: slide, match, chat and stay.

Tinder Registration: Requirements

Although the registration in Tinder is free and fast, it is obligatory to give a couple of data to create the account. It is two data that in principle we can be reluctant to give when accessing a dating website.

However, their disproportionate growth indicates users’ confidence in their privacy.

Simply log in or download the Tinder app for iOS or Android, either from the Apple Store or the Play Store. We can sign up using our Facebook profile or phone number.

In total you can upload up to six images, although it is advisable that your main photo is of good quality, and that your face is well distinguished, because that photo is going to be the first and perhaps the only thing that your contacts see. It is also advisable to add a photo with your friends, to show that there are other human beings who appreciate you, and a more personal photo, accompanied by a self-description that is brief and suggestive.

Anyway, later I will explain why even with everything, respects privacy more than most applications to flirt. These are the requirements:

Facebook account

I never gave any information about that account on any other contact page, but Tinder belongs to Facebook. You can rest assured that after all they are independent services and nothing will be published in your profile, unless you decide to share it.

Mobile phone number

The second requirement is to provide a mobile phone number. That way they ensure that there is only one account per phone number, as they associate it. It can be different from the Facebook account as long as it’s on the same smartphone as the App.

How Tinder works

Once we’ve completed our profile, we’re ready to start seeing other people showing up as a deck of cards. To indicate whether we like it or not, we move the photo to the right or left respectively.

Instead of sliding we can use the buttons that appear below each photo:

Rewind: to see again the profiles that we have moved to the left or right.
Red cross: to discard if we don’t like that person.
Star or Super Like: when you hit this button, that user will know that we are interested when he meets our profile. In the free version we can only use it once a day, with less chance of having matches.
Heart or Like: The other person also has to mark this button for us to make a match and we can chat.
Lightning or Boost: allows you to have more visibility in our area for a while.
Using Tinder on the web online is just as intuitive and easy as in the mobile version.

When you enter for the first time, Tinder will ask you to choose your “Discovery Options” to limit the range of people who can see your photo, and it is based on only three criteria: gender (male/female), the maximum number of kilometers separating you from your possible date, and the age range of the person you are looking for.

According to different studies, 54% of the users of this app are single people, but it is striking that 30% of married people, and that other 12% who maintain a relationship of some kind. If we take into account, in Tinder there are 42% of people who already have a partner. What is going on here? As is often the case in the physical world, the seduction rituals of dating applications reproduce the usual patterns of human behavior.

How does Tinder work for women, and how does it work for men? In general, girls are more selective and demanding than boys. They are the ones who write the longest and most messages, and the ones who gather the most information about a possible appointment.

The men’s strategy is the opposite, and is based on quantity, exhausting free likes, or resigning to pay for a premium service such as Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, which let the user know who has given him a like, or change location, or five superlikes a day and other advantages. Tinder’s premium services cost about 2 euros per month if you are under 30 years old, but from this age on the price goes up to 15 euros.

Is there privacy in Tinder?

As Tinder works, it is clear that the obligation to link the app to your Facebook has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand it works as a filter to guarantee that Tinder’s profiles are authentic, that they correspond to real people, which helps to eliminate a good number of false accounts, but also supposes a loss of control over your privacy.

Maybe you’re not amused that your Facebook friends find out you’re on Tinder. This is something the app has already foreseen. That’s why, when you click on a contact’s photo, the following info appears

Much of tinder’s success is due to its ease of use and the privacy it offers. Facebook account requirements and your mobile number will never be shown to anyone.

The concept of how matches work is to blame. There is only possible contact when there is a match. It has 3 screens where all its use is developed:

Profile of Tinder

As in any Dating App, Tinder has an area to edit our profile and personal settings.

It has the typical options, but also others not so much. Here are some of the options to fill in your profile:

Smart Photos: This feature of Tinder is very good. When you activate it, analyze and choose among your photos the most appropriate one as a profile photo to show to the rest of users.
About you: You can not miss the area to describe you so that they know a little about you and your intentions, tastes or hobbies.
Connect with other social networks: Sync with Snapchat to watch your videos, Instagram for your photos or Spotify to show your favourite music or songs. Connections will certainly increase, and it’s optional.

The Swipes

The Swipes zone is undoubtedly one of the determining factors of Tinder’s success among the masses. It is a question of showing the user close profiles that Tinder considers compatible.

The novelty is that it allows to accept or to discard possible contacts with the simple sliding of a finger, which facilitates and speeds up the search process.

– Origin of the Swipe

According to Tinder’s Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Jonathan Badeen, they take advantage of an action that we do unconsciously on a daily basis: to prejudge at first sight.

We are all prejudiced or have been prejudiced at some point in our lives, especially in our intimacy. Who wouldn’t enjoy a “I like, I don’t like” function with real people?

– How to use Tinder’s Swipe

The profiles are paraded one by one, with the condition that you must choose between giving it a “like” or “not like” to see the next and start over. This action can be done either by sliding the profile left or right or by using two buttons that have the same function.

If two people make a “Match”, a private chat is opened between them so that they can initiate the contact in the Messages section.

Social Tinder

This tool is really interesting because it allows you to create groups in Tinder where you can meet people with tastes, hobbies, professions or interests.

Ideal for those whose intention is to expand the circle of friends and who do not have as main objective to find a partner or date.

Tinder Prices

As usual, in Tinder, by paying the price for activating the Plus, you get certain advantages over the free option, which in my opinion is enough to meet people without problems if you are creative and ingenious with a profile that attracts attention.

If you are one of those who need a little push when flirting, pay attention to the next section.

Advantages of Tinder Plus

Boost: Available once a month, activating it makes you a prominent profile in your area, increasing the chances of contact considerably.
Personalized location: With “Passport” you will be able to choose the zone of profiles to show in any city and country of the world.
Super likes: These are likes notified as priority to the other person in order to get their attention. You will have 5 Super Likes per day in Tinder Plus, while in the free version only 1 per day is available.
Unlimited “like”: For the most insistent who hate it when Tinder limits his search for new “Match”. With this advantage of Tinder Plus the profiles will be shown in an unlimited way.
Extended privacy: Limit the visibility of your profile to your matches or choose to view only users with recent activity to discard out-of-use profiles. You can also control the visibility of information such as age and distance.
Back to previous profile: If you have a lapse and want to undo your error, Tinder Plus offers the possibility to go back to fix it.
Hide advertising: Obviously, when you pay for a subscription, the annoying ads disappear from the application.

Tinder Plus Options

To switch from the free version to the paid Tinder Plus, you have 3 options depending on how long you want to use it:

Price 1 month of Tinder Plus: 20,99€/month
Price 6 months of Tinder Plus: 12,50€/month
Price 12 months of Tinder Plus: 8,75€/month

Another Premium feature is Boosts: be the main profile of our area for 30 minutes and get more matches.

Its price depends on the amount we contract:

10 Boosts = 2.21 €/Boost
5 Boosts = 2.65 €/Boost
1 Boost = 3.53 €/Boost

Buying Boost and contracting Tinder Plus or Gold brings spectacular results and is worth using.

With these tools it is possible to get a lot of matches and likes in just a few minutes and therefore have more appointments!

Tinder only allows you to pay by credit card (MasterCard, Visa or American Express) and every subscription is automatically renewed for a package of the same duration.

Reviews about Tinder

The truth is that I have mixed feelings when it comes to giving my opinion on the App Tinder.

On the one hand, I see positive, agile and funny the system of “I like, I don’t like”, because you can see individual profiles passing constantly.

But I, who am a little more classic, missing the typical list of profiles shown by proximity. Maybe because that way you can see immediately if there is someone interesting nearby.

What I can assure is that Tinder works, and that the free version is enough. As I said, based on first sight impressions and decisions in short periods of time, the most physically attractive and those who know how to create an eye-catching profile are guaranteed Matchs.

I don’t want to say goodbye without talking to you about the risks to be taken into account. As indicated in the Tinder section of Wikipedia, there are spam attacks by bots handling false profiles with the sole intention of capturing unsuspecting videochat services.

If you come across profiles of good aunts who pass you an external link, be suspicious and proceed to block it and report it as spam.

Tinder: Valuation

Friendly interface and very easy to use.
Very funny and even addictive option to flirt. Many of its members stay connected for most of the day, with the intention of meeting someone and being able to meet.
Lots of profiles to be so popular.

Seems destined for attractive young people. The physicist plays a very important role.
It is possible the existence of false profiles with photos downloaded from the internet or retouched.
It has different prices depending on the age, although they are affordable.