Asian singles are attractive, charming and desirable. A huge number of men in all the world cannot be wrong; there is something special about those ladies! Of course, they are known for their exotic Oriental beauty, but there must be something else.

After analyzing the activity of the most popular Asian dating websites — AsiaCharm and RomanceTale — we came up with the lists of special features of Thai and Japanese women so that you can know and compare!

Women of Thailand

As the research has shown, Thai women turned out to be a real treasure. But not only that; they are also very different indeed from the Japanese singles.

For instance, these ladies are confident and brave in all they do. It is a trait of a truly modern woman, who dares and does a lot, who can get into the most unbelievable affairs and succeed. Thai ladies are courageous and very open-minded, so they easily welcome any new experience.

Thailand has been influenced by other countries and cultures for years — it is a historical fact. Hence, Thai culture has transformed and become a crazy mix of everything, that’s why Thai ladies are so special and unusual, not alike with anyone else.

Women of Thailand are also pretty familiar with a Western culture so that you won’t have any troubles in communication with them. Moreover, a lot of ladies even prefer a lot of Western things over the Eastern ones.

As for the relationship, they like partnership more than patriarchy and prefer to have equal rights and responsibilities with their husbands.

Women of Japan

Japanese ladies are quite different from Thai ones. Not in their appearance — they all are equally beautiful. But in some other things that define their personalities and national features.

So, Japanese ladies tend to behave perfectly and have good manners. As a rule, they are brought up in strict families, where it is common to learn to do things perfectly, that’s why it is so.

Humble and shy. It is not like Japanese girls to show off or be loud, so if you like modest women, it is your choice. They are also calmer than Thai women and will comfort you as much as they can.

It is crucial for the Japanese to care about their and your personal space. They won’t annoy you with constant contact like the others would do. They like it calm and still.

And finally, the last, but not least: Japanese women are very family-oriented and ready to give up their career if needed. They also follow the traditional family model, so if you share this idea, you have found a perfect girlfriend!

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