Everyone seeks love and uses various ways to do it. Now we have many opportunities to establish contact, both online and offline. Even those who once found it difficult to communicate now are free to do it via dating websites, which can be helpful in such situations. You can move your relations online or offline without any effort, and it is a sign of the 21st century.

But each of these communication forms has its positive and negative sides. Which one should you choose? What is more suitable for you? Read this article to know the details.

Online dating

Online dating has already won many followers all around the world. People use dating services not only to date but even marry! It seems incredible. But what is so good about an online relationship? And does it have any drawbacks?


  1. It’s comfortable. You can have access to the necessary chats as long as you have your device with the Internet on. Moreover, staying in touch is possible 24/7, and you don’t need to dedicate any particular time to it.
  2. It’s special and romantic. Love texts are what can keep one up in the morning and help to cheer up anytime. Isn’t it lovely to get those signs of affection from someone far away?
  3. It’s a good opportunity. For those people who are shy or find it hard to get acquainted with people in the street, it is a great chance to set up real relations without any problems.


  1. Although we may find a lot of positive sides in online communication, we still cannot deny that you lose that precious possibility of being around. Nothing cheers up more than your lover by your side, physically.
  2. All the special things you can experience together become impossible with online relations. No dinners, no trips together. It’s not only about the physical aspect of relations, but also a simple feel of presence.

Real-life dating

Offline dating is the opposite of Internet romance. So, what can we tell about it?


  1. You can see each other more often. It is true, and you can spend more time together, going somewhere, traveling or simply staying at home in the company of each other. Being around is a big part of offline dating, and, probably, the best part of it as well!
  2. Offline relations can be cheaper than using dating websites because such communication is free. Of course, it depends on the partner and how you are going to spend your leisure time.
  3. You have more options of how to spend your days and evenings together. The Internet doesn’t provide a wide variety of activities, while real-life communication gives you tons of chances!


  1. Unfortunately, real-life dating can still suffer from the distance keeping you apart, and that’s a hard thing. If you don’t have a chance to see each other quite often, it can break up easily. It is a serious drawback that can put your whole romance under threat.

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