Slavic beauty is a popular topic all over the world, and men from different countries dream to have girls from Eastern European countries as girlfriends. They are desired not only for the great appearance but also for being good housemakers, making a nice company and simply being different from Western women. It is all true, and we can tell that women from Ukraine and Russia are the most desirable prize. But is there any difference?

For many foreigners, Russian and Ukrainian girls look the same. Men know that they come from neighboring countries that used to have some common history, and so they must have a lot of things alike. However, there are some things you can tell are different about Russian and Ukrainian females. This short list will help you to notice more when you choose yourself a Slavic girlfriend!

The way they look

Although now some say it is hard to tell what is the difference between how Russian and Ukrainian girls look, there is some historical background that can help you.

According to the national features, Ukrainian ladies tend to have dark hair and hazel eyes, when Russian females have more of a light look: blonde hair with blue eyes. Of course, it is not that accurate anymore, because a lot of time has passed and now the appearance traits have mixed up a lot.

Approach to dating

We cannot really say if it has something to do with gender roles or not, but Russian and Ukrainian ladies have different views on their place in a dating. Ukrainian girls like it when there are equality and partnership, while Russian women are more conservative and prefer husband being in the lead.


It’s in the nature of many Russian girls to be quite conservative in their life views, play less independent and be more humble all in all. However, it doesn’t stop them from being very compulsive when it comes to some personal issues.

Unlike them, Ukrainian ladies are more liberal, outspoken in their opinions and generally more open-minded. In their mindset, they are closer to Europeans.


A Ukrainian woman will think a lot about where and how you are going to live, but that is only because she wants to comfort her family as much as possible.

A Russian woman will rather emphasize her emotions, forgetting all the material issues.

Hence, both of them are looking for bright future, but the approach is different: practical and romantic one.

These were the main differences between Russian and Ukrainian women, and if you can find more, you are sure an expert! Decide which girl you would like to have more, and date the right one!

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