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The truth about Russian brides

The most common theme associated with Russia, including all the advertisements you’ve probably seen while searching for information about traveling to Russia , is the concept of the “Russian (mail order) bride”. The theory is that there are many women in Russia who are desperate to marry rich and/or leave the country, so they will happily marry anyone who will provide them with a comfortable lifestyle and a visa. The mail order part comes from websites that apparently act as dating services that match these willing brides with their future husbands.

And everyone seems to have a story of a “friend” who ordered a Russian bride to divorce him as soon as he got his full citizenship. While that sounds like a ridiculous myth if you replace “Russian” with any Western nationality, I wouldn’t be surprised if many people reading this consider it a true fact when it comes to Russia. So let’s try to unravel the story a bit.

Is it really possible to buy a Russian bride?

The short answer is no. While there are websites offering ready and willing women to be sent to the highest bidder, these are scams. Furthermore, this is called human trafficking and is illegal.

The only websites that seem to provide “real” Russian women for interested English speaking men are essentially dating sites. Most of these are free for women, but charge men a fee for messaging, video chatting, etc. This also does not guarantee that a man will actually marry a woman on the site; all they provide is online communication. Once the dates go offline, they are no longer involved in the process. Many of these websites are actually operated by companies based in the United States, with satellite branches in Eastern Europe.

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There are also fraudulent dating websites, where “agencies” create fake online profiles and pay women to write messages, which men have to pay to view and respond to.

How do dating websites work?

The “Russian women”, most of whom are actually in Ukraine , go to physical agencies to “register” on the website. These women are usually screened by the agency staff. If a woman is deemed not to be pretty, young, slim or sufficiently educated, she will not be able to use the service. This is especially true for websites that charge those looking for a “girlfriend” to communicate with women; naturally, they want to choose the prettiest ones to maximize interest and profits.

Women who are accepted are (usually) verified, i.e. their IDs are scanned and copied into the agency’s database. They are usually offered a discounted or free glamour session, which basically involves suggestive photographs in bed, on the beach, etc. Women can make a profile using the agency’s computers.

If a woman’s English is not good enough to communicate with men on her own, agencies offer “translation services” where a staff member types messages. Many of the messages sent to men are very sexual or at least suggestive. Whether that is the woman’s choice or not is up to you.

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Why would a Russian woman want to be a “Russian bride”?

Outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg , and also in Ukraine, the economic situation is not excellent. Many people live below the poverty line, jobs are scarce, it is expensive to move to big cities, and yes, one of the easiest ways to “get out” is to marry a citizen of a Western country.

There is also a gender imbalance in Russia and Ukraine, with more women than men, making it difficult to find a husband and the husband one finds is more likely to be entitled, lazy, and generally unpleasant. Western men are still considered to be rich and easy to please.

A related problem is that in Russian and Ukrainian society, it is still considered essential for a woman to marry at a relatively young age (around 25 is the maximum allowed). As such, Russian women are raised to be able to cook, clean and make babies relatively well (not all, of course, but this is the expected standard in general), and know that these traits are much more appreciated in the West. Similarly, as Russian society is quite sexist, some (not all!) Russian men expect “their women” to cook, clean and make babies, regardless of their other commitments, and many Russian women see escaping to the West as a way to have a little more freedom in their lives.

What are Russian girls for marriage and stable relationship like?

Russian girls for marriage are quite traditional. A traditional marriage is quite a broad idea. Since different cultures and religions consider different things as traditional. For Russian women traditional marriage is when a man asks the permission of the parents and then proposes to her. The main religion for Russian women is Orthodox Christianity. So a wedding would take place in a church and the bride and groom would be married. Then they would leave as men and women ready to move in together and spend the rest of their lives together.

Russian women for marriage, what they are like and what they value

After you have developed a deep relationship with a Russian girl, you may have talked about your views on marriage and usually. Most Russian women like the idea of a traditional marriage. For most Russian women, their parents would have bonded through a traditional marriage and it is what they would have been raised believing and desiring. By agreeing to meet a man though the Russian girl is demonstrating that she is a modern woman who is taking her own future and life is in her own hands. However it is important to discover Russian girls’ thoughts about traditional marriage. A woman’s wedding day is very important for her. Most people who become a Russian bride will have imagined their wedding day for a long time. If some Russian girls may say that she doesn’t have an opinion or that she doesn’t care how her marriage actually goes, this is not true. How your wedding day goes will influence the beginning of married life.

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If she has very strong views for or against a traditional marriage, it is best to let her know. Since it is possible that her views are simply not compatible with those of your Russian bride.

Priorities of Russian women

Traditionally, most Russian women will not focus on careers exclusively like many Western women. Since attitudes towards professional and family life are different with Russian women. Many Russian women will get good jobs and make sure they are fulfilled in that area of their lives. But this will take a back seat when it comes to raising a family. In Russian society, people’s life priorities are different. A Russian bride with children is already considered successful without having a specific career. In general, Russian girls for marriage are quite prepared.

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