Online dating is easy. Fast and comfortable, so it’s not a secret why this kind of interaction has become so popular nowadays. We can meet almost anyone on the site and take this relationship into real life, prolonging it and turning it into a serious step leading to the greatest love adventure. But there are a few things you need to remember when dating online.

The photos you post to your profile represent you as a person, and although there is some personal information about your hobbies, job, interests and so on, the first thing people notice is a picture of you. There is a whole science of how to look attractive on the Internet, so here are a couple of things you should avoid if you want to look good to your potential matches.

Think of an alternative to the bathroom photos

Things that look fine to you might be completely inappropriate to the others. Moreover, showing your bathroom is not the best idea for the first impression. Apart from the dirty mirror or mess in the background that you may not notice (and the others will do, believe me), the bathroom photo may simply seem a poor thing. We don’t talk about the money now, it’s not like you have to have professional photo shoots, but there are much better and more picturesque places to take a photo of yourself.

Less selfies

We all have selfies in our picture arsenal, but if you post too much of them in your gallery, it looks strange. Like, do you ever get photographed? Selfies are everywhere, but the pictures where one can see you from the side are much more lively and interesting. Try to post at least one of them, and you will see that the quality of your profile has improved.

Remember to use recent photos

It is not interesting at all what you used to look like five years ago. A lot could have changed, and a person wants to see the same picture in the profile and real life. Be sure to update the latest photos of you, so your partner recognizes you when you finally meet offline. Besides, recent pictures can give a fresh impression not only about your appearance but also interests, making the whole picture of you complete.

Face needed

Remember that even if you have a beautiful back, a person you date is going to look you in the face anyway. So, uploading the pictures of you where you are standing in a romantic pose and watching the landscape is not so necessary. Try to choose photos where your face is seen clearly, don’t hide anything — it will win them all. Moreover, the research has shown that if you are sincerely smiling at the camera, it causes positive reactions in the person who’s watching that. And you want to attract people on the dating site, don’t you?

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